Hang out in Budapest like never before on our beer bike!

Pedal Bar is a unique way to drink fine beer while riding a special beer bike. Check out the coolest beer bike Budapest has to offer with your friends, drink draft beer and have fun while riding in Budapest!

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What's a beer bike tour?


The Beer Bike

A special vehicle which attracts all eyes. The beer bike can accomodate min. 4, max 16 people. Max 10 can pedal while the others can take a rest on the bench.


The Beer

20 liters of fresh draft beer are included. You can tap your own beer and serve your friends too.



Personalize your party with our music system! Bring your own music on smartphone and fill Budapest with your favourite tunes. The beer bike also has led lights for the best party atmosphere.


Take pictures!

Gain unforgettable experiences with us on the beer bike in this beautiful Budapest.

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Our Fleet

We are the Beer Bike Company with the largest fleet and the only company in Budapest with a Minibike for 4 people. We can accomodate groups from 4 up to 16 people on a single beer bike and up to 30 people in a single tour on multiple beer bikes.
The beerbike you get for the tour depends on bike availability and group size.

Mini Beer Bike

Mini Bike

Medium Beer Bike

Medium Beer Bike

Large Beer Bike

Large Beer Bike

Beer bike in the winter

Beer bike winter

Forget about the cold weather!

Even though the summer is over, the party doesn't stop. During the winter, the beer bike comes equipped with mulled wine which you can tap yourself during the tour. Thanks to the combination of pedaling and steaming hot wine, not only will you have an awesome time, but you can be sure no one will get cold!
Reserve your winter tour and experience Budapest like never before!

Prices and drinks

1,5 hour tour
Monday - Sunday
with 20 liters of beer 160€ / 48 000 HUF
Optional drinks
Beer 30€ / 10 liter
Mulled Wine 5 € / liter
Mineral Water 1€ / liter
Coke, Fanta, Sprite 2€ / liter
Cider 2€ / bottle
Champagne 8 € / bottle
Wine 10 € / 1.5 liter
Prosecco 12 € / 0.75 liter
Other drinks Contact us!

Ask for a pretty barmaid
for your beer bike!
30€/1,5 hour

What you get on the beer bike:

  • 1,5 hour trip.
  • 20 liters of beer.
  • We provide a sober driver.
  • Music on board.


Ask us anything about our tours, and we will reply straight away.

But wait, there is more!

Just select the package you're interested in and we will send you the details alongside your beer bike booking information.

Read more about the beer bike on our blog!

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