Interested in buying one of our Beer Bikes? Luckily, we are selling some!

Technical details

  • 8 seats with pedals
  • Total capacity of 14 people
  • Radio with 2 speakers included
  • Battery and battery charger included
  • Safe and comfortable bench

All of the bikes are in great overall condition, they are reliable and easy to use - however, because of the new regulations in Budapest, we cannot use them anymore in the city. They were manufactured in 2017 (so basically brand new) and had a full renovation in 2019, which means they are safe to use.

We recommend them to anyone interested in tourism and business and would like to offer great value for a reasonable price for their clients. Beer bikes are widely popular in Europe amongst young tourists, and there is a great interest in it.

Here's what you have to know:

We are selling six different sized Beer Bikes.

  • Safety and comfort: all of the chairs on board have a backrest and the bikes have a built-in roof. It makes their usage easy in rainy weather too. Because of their water-repellent implementation, the bikers don’t have to worry about being exposed to the rain. The roof also protects users from sunlight and we suggest to put them up all-time when the bikes are in use.
  • Propulsion: All of the bikes have a chain transmission of our own, well-tested design
  • Bar: All of the bikes have built-in batteries and cooling chargers for the beer. 20 liters of beer can be stored on the bikes in total, which is more than enough for 12 users. They also function as a moving bar: the hosts/hostesses have space in the middle of the bike, where they can easily tap beers for everyone on board. There is a separate place for the drivers, too, which makes it easy for them to navigate through traffic.
  • Music: The beer bikes have an audio system too: there is a radio onboard connected to two speakers.

Not all of the seats have a pedal-connection, so people with health issues can use the bikes too. Usually, the bikes consist of eight pedaling seats and four resting seats, though it may vary depending on the size. Even the biggest beer bike is suitable for only four people, as they are easy to pedal for everyone, regardless of health conditions.

The maintenance of a Beer Bike is cheap and easy. They were built in 2017 and got renovated in 2019. Within the two years of operating, there weren't any malfunctions with them. If you are interested, please contact us through the form on the page or at!

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