10 reasons we love the beer bike

10 reasons we love the beer bike

1. The beer pours

Obviously our favourite feature of the beer bike is the big barrel full of beer. (Or in winter time mulled wine.) You can draw it yourself or ask for a pretty hostess or good looking host to do it for you. The aim is the same: you have your freshly draught beer in front of you constantly.

2. You don’t have to drive

The sober driver knows the directions and leads you to your destination. Not to mention that he is a cool guy at the same time. You have only two jobs: to pedal and to drink.

3. It is a cultural activity as well

Here is what to tell your grandparents if they ask: you saw tons of sights of Budapest. Riding a beer bike also means sightseeing. Go to the wikipedia site of the Hero Square for your conscience’s sake, and drink and relax.

4. Beer biking is workout

If you worry about the number of calories caused by drinking beer, here are the good news: you don’t need to cut off this beloved hobby of yours. While you drink you do the workout as well, and burn exactly the same amount of calories that beer contains. Go for the peanuts too, you are doing alright!

5. You do the drawing

Drawing beer is cool, isn’t it? Don’t miss to try it, you have 30 litres of beer, show that you are a natural born bar man! If you are not in the mood, read more for the solution.

6. Pretty chicks and hot guys do the hosting

It is your decision: get a lovely hostess or a handsome host to draw your beer. In this case, don’t be surprised if you won’t remember any sights, but...

7. You are the DJ

So you don’t need to beg for better music. Bring your own and make a party with the cool sound tech and lights!

8. You breathe fresh air

Ruin pubs are awesome, but why would you sit in a dark corner if the sun shines bright outside? The beer’s taste is even better on fresh air, not to mention that you can have more before you get tipsy! In summertime you get tan, wintertime ruddy, obviously more sexy than leaning against a bar.

9. Brings people together

Hen or stag party? Team building? Then take a ride on the beer bike. What else works more cohesive than pedaling a huge bike full of chilly, fresh beer?

10. It is cooler than a limo

Possibly your evening dress isn’t the perfect wear for a beer bike, but surely your appearance is more effective, than leaning out from a limo. You will be stared not only at the red lights, we guarantee. Budapest will definitely remember you!

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