A Beerbike Guide to Budapest’s Popular Streets

A Beerbike Guide to Budapest’s Popular Streets

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Budapest can be confusing for first time visitors, and with several tourist streets, dotted with bars, restaurants and sights, getting your bearings is a tricky endevour. This monthg’s blog post will give you a helping hand in what to explore next after your pedalbar beer bike adventure! From the busy party street of Kazinczy to the laid back Kopaszi dam - this is our list of favorite spots to hang out.

1. Kazinczy - Come here for the fast food, history and party

Set in the heart of the historic Jewish quarters, Kazinczy was just another street of Budapest up until a decade ago, when Budapest’s ruin pub revolution swept away the past, giving birth to one of the most buzzing streets of the city. Fun fact: our beer bikes once proudly roamed these party-fertile lands, but nowadays we frequent a more sightseeing oriented route on Andrássy street!

2. Váczi - Come here for the shopping and stroll

You won’t find any beer bikes here! Váczi is is the traditional shopping street of the city, spanning from north to south through the heart of the city’s fifth district. The narrow streets are always lively with tourists shopping for souvenirs, getting a gellato or just soaking in the atmosphere of Budapest!

3. Kopaszi dam - Come here for a breath of fresh air

Kopaszi is not a street per se, more like, well, a dam. Set on the southern banks of the Buda side, Kopaszi is a great place to hang out with a beer after a long and eventful day in the city.

4. Andrássy - Come here for your awesome dosage of beer bike tours

Andrássy has a lot going for it, historic buildings, some great restaurants on Liszt Ferenc square, not to mention the magnificent Heroes’ square - if that’s not enough to convince you, the impressive avenue is a sight in itself! This vast variety made it a no brainer for us to have the beer bike Budapest tours here!

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