Exercise is key to living a healthy life, and funnily enough, biking for hours with your mates does count. Yes, even if you are drinking beer, and here’s why!

Ask any trainer, and they will most certainly say that cardio is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It is often said that besides swimming and running, the best way to keep your heart and circulatory system in shape is to hop on a bike and just pedal. But many find the pedaling for hours a dull and monotone exercise, and hear at beer bike budapest, believe us, we hear ya’.

Who said though that pedaling cannot be fun?

The concept of a beerbike is nothing new. It was invented by crafty industrious people, that is for sure. The good thing, when it comes to one’s health, is that besides biking, beer also has numerous positive effects!

Studies have proved that drinking beer can reduce the risk of kidney stones significantly, while the magic ale can also help out with your digestion. Especially dark beer, which is rich in fibers! With beer bike budapest you can consume up to 30 liters of beer, which will surely help you out with your cholesterol too.

Feeling under the weather? No problem, a healthy dose of exercise and beer biking is hear to save the day one again! Since it is rich in vitamin B (B1, B2, B6 and B12), beer is good for restoring your body’s mineral levels. Ladies rejoice, since drinking beer is apparently good for the skin too!

And all of this is scientific fact. Now, we do know how to run fun beerbike tours. But who are we to discredit any SCIENCE?

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