Best Brunch Places to Cure Your Hangover At

Best Brunch Places to Cure Your Hangover At

A beer bike tour in Budapest can be quite exhausting and the resulting hangover needs a little treatment. What would be better than a hearty brunch for your stomach to freshen up a little after an alcohol dive? Here’s a list of some recommended places for a late breakfast.

On the Pest side of the city, in the bourgeois style 13th district, you will find Briós, an American influenced brunch café with a small terrace overlooking Pozsonyi Street. The biggest catch here is the fact that they serve breakfast all day long, featuring bagels, orange juice, salads and some tasty vegetable dishes. If you’re looking from something more filling, try the sandwich selection or ask for the lunch menu. Cakes and sweets are also available, not to mention the excellent coffee to treat your hangover.

Every Sunday, Szimpla transforms into a market of local produce accompanied by a great brunch offer. If you want to taste some home-grown fruits and vegetables, make sure to check out the place. This is the same Szimpla that welcomes parties and functions as a ruin pub during the night. The food comes on a smorgasbord, so you can pick what you wish from the table. The brunch is only available on Sundays.

The city center has a calm little place right next to Vígszínház, called Kino Café. Breakfast is served all day with dishes like scrambled eggs, toasts, sandwiches or cheese cake. The selection is fresh every day with croissant prepared in the morning. Wi-Fi is available and free, in the summertime, the terrace is open to observe life passing by. The café organizes movie nights so you might want to stay for the afternoon.

If you’re looking for something hearty and local, make sure to check out Most! In Zichy Jenő Street. Brunch is available on weekends from early morning to late afternoon. Hangovers can be cured with sausages, sandwiches, pancakes and pastries to get yourself together.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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