Best Christmas Markets in Budapest

Best Christmas Markets in Budapest

Which is the most joyful time of the year? Of course, it’s Christmas! Get ready for some fun sightseeing in Budapest in the winter season, because the city has a lot to offer. The Hungarian capital is a true year-round destination with a true festive spirit. Looking for some mulled wine? We give you the best spots to get your drink!

Christmas markets are abundant in Budapest in December and they offer a true respite from the tiresome working days. These markets have grown so much, you can barely distinguish them from one another, although they have very different atmospheres.

The market around Vörösmarty Square is the largest of all. It has numerous stalls, where craftsmen sell their pottery, embroidery, nick-nacks and decorations. Just browse the shops until you find one of your liking. The food offer is generally good here, though not the cheapest. Mulled wine, hot chocolate, tea and punch are abundant. Look for new tastes and creative combinations!

A more gourmet selection is available at the nearby Erzsébet Square, where a long row of small wooden stalls mark the busy Christmas market. Get your snacks and hearty meals here! You can buy some traditional Hungarian food like sausages, bacon, pig or goose cracklings and other greasy winter favorites. Sweets are well represented, try flódni and rétes to get a taste of Christmas in Hungary. Mulled wine and hot drinks are present with the addition of the strong pálinka, if you really feel cold.

The most festive atmosphere can be witnessed at the Basilica, where a tall Christmas with lavish decorations welcomes the crowd. The background is dominated by the amazing building of the Basilica of Saint Stephen, with an artistic laser show painted on the façade every hour. A small ice skating rink welcomes those, who wish to work of the heavy meals. Cakes, gingerbread and drinks are served here, according to tradition. Look for the festive calendar to catch concerts and events.

The Christmas season brings joy Budapest, much like a beer bike experience. Get ready for your fun sightseeing tour of Budapest and book your beer bike trip today, before the freezing winter arrives!

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