Best public drinking spots according to Beer Bike Budapest

Best public drinking spots according to Beer Bike Budapest

Budapest is quickly becoming one of the most popular party destinations of Europe. In fact, with its emerging party district, the city already holds its ground in the league of such party mammoth as Amsterdam or Barcelona. Beer bikes in Budapest just one aspect of this, if you are into experiencing the city’s beer culture, grab a can and head out!

Deák Ferenc Square

Drinking in broad daylight, in the public, is somewhat in the grey zone when it comes to being legal. Luckily, Deák Ferenc square is not public space, but a privately owned park! This fun loophole allows expats and locals to embrace in the fun activities of drinking beer under the warm Budapest summer sun!

Margaret Island

Set just north of the Margaret Bridge, Margaret Island is the city’s very own Central Park, only it is, well, an Island - making it even cooler! This massive public park is favoured by locals who want to enjoy a peaceful few hours out in the green. Picnics are common in this park, and with a great picnic comes the need for a cold one. Bring your favorite beer!

City Park

Beer Bike Budapest has got you covered on this! While drinking in the city park is not a bright idea, if you manage to hop on a Beer Bike tour, you are good to go! With a keg of cold beer available for you at any time, beer biking is the way to go when it comes to enjoying a cold on - while pedaling too! After all, beer bikes are biking, so this does count as exercise!

Book you beer bike tour today and enjoy Budapest the way it was meant to be! Out in the green, having a fun time! What are you waiting for?

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