Bubble Football Budapest - The next craze is here!

Bubble Football Budapest - The next craze is here!

Beer Bikes are one of the most popular hen and stagparty programmes in Budapest nowadays, and as the city is perfectly set up for such parties, we are proud to announce that the city has added yet another crazy attraction to its list! Beer Bike Budapest welcomes Bubble Football Budapest with open arms, bring your favorite boots and get ready for some bubbly-wobbly footballing action!

Bubble football is a simple game, where fun and excitement meets partying and activitiy. Generally speaking, playing any team sports is a great idea on most days, but when people go on a holiday - especially to Europe’s emerging party city, Budapest - it is ok to expect a little more. Bubble football hits the sweet spot between party and sports perfectly, allowing mates, coworkers and even family to enjoy the fun that is bouncing about in a huge bubbly ball!

Bubble football is juck like football, exept you get to jump inside a massive, air-filled bubble that protects your body from collisions. Usually when you collide in a football match, you get to spend minutes on the pitch agonizing over the pains that seem to eminate from all across your body. A swollen ankle, a sprained knee, a bruise here or there is business as usual for most Sunday leauge gurus. Luckily, bubble football brings an unconventional solution to the table!

What if you get to be protected from these collisions? What would our most beloved game look like? Would it affect gameplay, formations, tactics? From expereince speaking, hell yes! Once you take out the element of fear from collisions, a whole world of maddness opens up! Luckily though, the bubbles of bubble football will protect you from any injuty, meaning the game if a hundred percent safe! How great is that?

And if you ever get thirsty from playing hours of bubble football, remember, you can continue your fun filled excersize proram on the Beer Bike Budapest tour! The perfect party two-in- one deal!

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