Hungry? Eat Here Before Your Pedalbar Tour

Hungry? Eat Here Before Your Pedalbar Tour

Before taking a beer bike in Budapest, you might want to fill your stomach with something tasty to give you enough energy to pedal your way through the city. We’ve handpicked some of the best eateries around Andrássy Avenue. Here’s the list:

There’s no city today without a nice burger scene and Budapest is no exception. Bamba Marha features fine ingredients, fresh buns with sesame seeds and tasty sauces that will pamper your taste buds and give you the necessary amount of calories for the day.

For some of you a dive into street food might not be the healthiest option. For those with a vegetarian diet and alternative lifestyle, or simply interested in something different, make sure to check in at Kozmosz and taste some revolutionary dishes. International and Hungarian influenced meals are also on the menu with organic wine and wheat beer to accompany your meals.

Some of you might seek a “local’s place” with home style cooking and Hungarian dishes. A calm little family style restaurant that will fit the description is Cserepes Kisvendéglő. Don’t expect anything fancy here, it’s your grandma’s cooking for a nice price. Get some traditional and filling Hungarian meals before you plunge into the fun of sightseeing.

If you’re into pancakes, you will love Bajnok Palacsinta and their sweet creations. The place runs with an honesty box, so you pay as much as you like for the food. The chefs are local people, who simply love cooking and decided to develop their hobby into a responsible business. Just make sure to check opening times since they don’t run the place each and every day.

If there’s one thing Hungarians rarely put on the table, it’s fish. A team of creative chefs decided to swim against the current and opened the Big Fish in town right next to Oktogon. Tasty seafood is the main catch here with a new selection every day!

Before you jump on our beer bike to explore Budapest make sure to check out the tastes of the city.

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