Fall Concerts and Festivals

Fall Concerts and Festivals

Hungary can be proud when it comes to Summer festivals – we have SZIGET, one of Europe’s biggest festivals, and there are so many other options to visit almost every week! But what if we tell you festival season in Budapest doesn’t end with the Summer? Many concerts, food and beverage festivals wait for you even in Fall - just make sure to start your afternoon with a cheerful beer bike tour to base your festival mood!


Let us introduce this very exceptional festival of the city which will be on the very first weekend of September – and by exceptional we mean both the location and the beverages. Dreherfeszt is all about beer, as it’s located in the Dreher brewery, which is the biggest brewery in the whole country! While you’re there, you can listen to some of the top bands in Hungary – or even the freshest, undiscovered ones, as they have a talent competition on the festival as well -, eat and drink: year by year, Dreher prepares with special flavors only for this occasion.

Budapest Wine Festival

If you’re already here for first weekend’s Dreherfeszt, make sure not to miss the second as well! Budapest Wine Festival is the greatest wine festival of Hungary with a rather beautiful location, the Buda Castle. Between 6-9 of September, here are hundreds of exhibitors presenting their delicious wines from all around the country and beyond! As we said, make sure to start with beer biking, especially in this case... as they say in Hungary „sörre bor mindenkor, borra sör meggyötör” – you can drink beer before wine, but never drink wine before beer!

Beer, Burger & BBQ Festival

From 20 – 23. September the Millenáris Park – and the surrounding streets – has a heavenly smell you can’t resist: it’s the scent of grilled and seasoned goods which fills the air! You can find only the best craft beers and burgers on Beer, Burger & BBQ Festival, and also traditional and innovative barbecue teams and products with quality food. You can learn about the art of barbecuing, what makes a hamburger special, or the seasoning of special craft beers.

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