Iconic Bars Around the World

Iconic Bars Around the World

Having a drink at a bar is always a good idea. What’s an even better idea? Having a drink in an awesome bar! Location defines real estate, and the same could be said about pubs and bars. Here’s Pub Crawl Barcelona’s list of top bars around the world - for your consideration!

Sky Bar Bangkok

One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster! Set next to the Sirocco restaurant, the Sky Bar towers above Bangkok with its 63 floors. The panorama? One that you will never forget! Make sure you take your camera with you, as a selfie made from here is worth a thousand words… or something like that!

Ice Bar Quebec

Feeling chilly? That’s to be expected, since you in Quabec’s world famous Ice Bar and Hotel! The interior is mesmerizing, the atmosphere that awaits is definitely otherworldly. One thing’s for sure, you will not need a lot of ice cubes for that cocktail!

Red Sea Bar Israel

An underwater restaurant next to a coral reef? Sign me up please! There are quite a few bars that will stick with you as a memory for the rest of your life, but the Red Sea Bar in Israel would probably be on that list. Words cannot describe this one!

The Clinic Bar Singapore

Time for a weird one. Ever wanted to get your juices flowing by sucking it out of EVA packages? And by juices we mean alcoholic drinks this time. No? Yes? Either way, check out the Clinic Bar in SIngapore!

+1 Where you happen to be at

Of course, the best beer you will ever have depends on the company, not the location. Grab a friend and head out into the wild, or if you and your friends happen to be in Budapest, register for a beer bike tour! :)

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