Law of the Land, Good to know!

Law of the Land, Good to know!

Enjoying a beer bike tour in Budapest is a cool thing as long as you obey the law! If you don’t want to spend your time in custody, read our good-to-know tips to keep the party vibes at bay.

The legal drinking age in Hungary is 18 and all establishments respect this. You won’t find any shop or bar selling alcohol to minors in the city. Legal standards in this sense are very strict and shopkeepers risk closing for good if they ever attempt to break the law. Otherwise, upon presenting a valid ID, they will be more than happy to serve you.

Possession and consumption of drugs is a criminal offence in Hungary and police officers enforce the law without hesitation. The most common verdict in these cases is a simple fine, but the whole act can take long time and the police has the right to place you in custody during the procedure. Better not risk it.

Although Budapest is known to be a perfectly safe city in Europe, minor crimes do happen. It is a busy party place so you should expect the usual petty thefts and in some cases, some easy-to-avoid scams aimed at foreigners. First, if your stuff gets stolen, seek immediate help from the police. Officers are often on patrol during the night in busy areas and speak acceptable English. Avoid places that don’t have people inside since these are the bases of scam artists. The most common case is the overcharged bill. Don’t take this lightly, bouncers sometimes accompany foreigners to ATMs to extort more money from their account. At the first sign of trouble seek immediate help from the police or locals.

Party crowds are welcome in Hungary but the sensitivity of the locals is often challenged by some impolite party-doers. Openly obscene behavior, shouting, public nudity or peeing in public can easily lead to the unexpected arrival of the police squad car. The above cases are considered to be offences in Hungarian law and the perpetrators can receive a substantial fine. Try to keep it on the safe side!

As long as you keep yourself to these simple rules, you’ll have no problem in Budapest. Book your trip with us and have a blast!

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