Pedalbar Recommends: Budapest Craft Beerbars

Pedalbar Recommends: Budapest Craft Beerbars

Budapest has undergone a culinary revolution in the past decade, and while the need for international fastfood chains are still popular, the people have also rediscovered the joys of having proper streetfood. And with great burgers came the need for great beer, and hence craft beer began to sprout like mushrooms after the rain! This is the beer bike Budapest guide to craft beers!

The pedalbar usually serves a great Hungarian beer brand called Arany Ászok, but those who are willing to wet their whistles with the something special should head to Élesztő Craftbeer Garden. Élesztő, or ‘Yeast’, was set up in a crumbling industrial building, taking a page from the popular ruinpub’s notebook. The bar has 21 different artisan beers on tap and they offer special beer tasting classes. Classy, but not as classy as drunkenly riding a beerbike in the middle of the afternoon!

If you happen to be near the Fővám Square area make sure you check out Jónás Craft Beer House. Set in the whale-shaped (yes, you read that right) CET building on the bank of the Danube, Jónás is known for its great selection, fantastic view and atmospheric events. The place even has its own microbrewery - although not on site!

Finally, Legenda Sörfőzde, or ‘Legend Brewery’ is one of the most well known craft beers of Hungary at the moment. Saying that they are hip is an understatement! Legenda, with its highly artistic labels, is known for constantly pioneering new beers, venturing into previously unfathomable tastes and ingredients - and always emerging triumphant! The names speak for themselves, and honestly, who would not want to take a sip of Pokerface Pale Ale or a quick pint of Snakebite?

Drinking beer is fun, biking is fun, tasting quality craft beer is always a great joy too. But remember, if you ever get tired of unknown beers and crave for solid choice, Pedalbar and its beer bike tour is there for you!

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