Plan Your Holiday in Time - Summer Festivals

Plan Your Holiday in Time - Summer Festivals


The highlight of every trip to Budapest is an immersion into the summer festivals that happen every year. Plan your visit accordingly, as Hungary really gets into party mood as soon as the temperature reaches 30 degrees. A beer bike experience adds up to the awesome things you can do in the heat. Read our guide to time your visit accordingly!

The biggest hit of the season is without doubt the Sziget Festival. It is one of the largest music festivals in Europe with countless word famous performers. In 2018, the festival will take place between 8-15th of August. The program is already available and frequently updated online. Be prepared as tickets sell out fast! Weekly and daily passes are also available. The city really comes alive when Sziget hits Budapest, this would be a nice time to come to Hungary.

Another famous Hungarian festival takes place in Sopron, the westernmost city of Hungary. A short train ride from Budapest will take you to Volt Festival, where you can enjoy the best performances of the year. The festival is particularly famous for rock concerts, but fans of other genres will find bands of their liking. Free your calendar between 26-30th June and enjoy the sun and music at Volt Festival!

As electronic music is popular in Hungary, it was clear that a festival was in order to celebrate the genre. Balaton Sound is a great choice as it is set on the shores of the Lake Balaton, giving you the opportunity to bathe in the water and get ready for the nightly concerts. July is the month and you will want to come for 4-8th to the city of Zamárdi. It is more expensive festival, but you will surely get value for money here, as the best DJ sets roll out in the night. This can be your ultimate summer music adventure!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Budapest and around Hungary in the summer. Just remember to visit the capital first for some fun sightseeing with a glass of beer. Visit our website to learn more about the excitement that only beer biking can bring to Budapest!

Photo: Sandor Csudai

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