Shooting Range Fun for All

Shooting Range Fun for All

Grabbing a rifle or a pistol has been the privilege usually associated with the elite – outside of war, that is. Hunting, for example, may be a great tradition with some aristocratic ties, but the highbrow nature of shooting is no more. In fact, it is now something that all can experience! While in some countries gun culture has sparked numerous debates about what is right and what is not when it comes to shooting, in EU countries the well handled and contained nature of shooting as a hobby is on the rise! So what should you do after a beer bikining trip? Saddle up!

Visiting a shooting range is great fun for all, and not just stag parties and hen dos. However, if you want to have a good time with the husband or wife to be, it might be a good idea to take them to a unique experience, have them try something new! After all, not many have had the opportunity to fire the infamous AK-47, or the iconic (shout out to movie fans) Dirty Harry Taurus 357, or even the solid and reliable Glock 17! Again, for fun, and not in a wartime environment.

Join our seasoned professional instructors at our firing range, where safety always comes first. You will be given a welcome package, proper instructions and safety gear, and depending on the package you choose, you will have the time of your life! While fortunately we do not have to live with and use weapons on a daily basis, admittedly, it is damn good fun to just let loose every now and then!

After you are done pedaling in the city of Budapest, and done sobering up, of course, log onto the quick and efficient booking system of Budapest shooting, and have fun experiencing the feel and recoil of different firearms!

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