Spring festivals and more!

Spring festivals and more!

Budapest comes alive in spring after the long and dark months of winter. Sunshine reigns once more and cultural events, concerts and outdoor activities are on the rise. Prepare yourself since spring is coming soon and Budapest beer bikes take over the streets! Read more below of the fun activities for the coming months!

Spring hits Akvárium Club, so they will open their terrace to give room to the thirsty crowd. Regular concerts will begin shortly with local acts playing every weekend. Of course, Akvárium is a central point of the Budapest party scene, so you won’t be disappointed coming here during the weekends.

The Feast of Hungarian Jazz will be the biggest event for the lovers of jazz. Between 4-7th April in the Budapest Jazz Club, the freshest selection of Hungarian jazz will be on stage every night. The best performers celebrate the genre that is very much alive today! Visit the feat if you’re into jazz or want to discover something new in Budapest.

A central location for concerts in Budapest the Budapest Park. The place is one of the largest open air venues of the city. Concerts begin on the 3rd May and this is the official start of their summer season. Hungarian and international bands share the stage, drinks and food are available on location. Check out their site to learn more about the local and international acts that will be on schedule!

The official Budapest Spring Festival for the 2018 season begins on the 30th March and lasts until 22th April. The festival features art, national traditions, pop and classical music as well as open air programs. The event has a lot of different venues to choose from with something for almost every day of the festival. Visit the festival’s calendar to learn more about the events in your area!

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