The Different Kind of Beer Bike Groups

The Different Kind of Beer Bike Groups

As the largest beer bike provider in Budapest we are lucky enough to offer the widest variety of bikes. Meaning that we can serve groups of any size, from the smallest gatherings of a birthday, to the massive corporate events. In this blog article we take a look at the typical beer bike groups sizes!

The Hen and Stag Crowd

Hen and Stag tourism is becoming quite popular in Budapest. Renowned for its crazy parties, rich history, and general awesomeness when it comes to budget, the capital of Hungary is a hen and stag magnet! A usual 2 hour hen and stag party fills up our largest bike to its maximum capacity.

University Groups

Erasmus is a big hit in Budapest, and many more come in different exchange programs. And where are students, there lies booze, meaning beer bikes are quite popular among these alcohol loving internationals! From experience we safely say, that our medium bike, housing 6 to 12, is usually perfectly suited for such groups!


For birthdays we usually recommend the smallest bike, since it can handle between 4 to 10 people. People generally love this bike for its maneuverability and cozy feel, yet with its massive keg in the front it still feels like a proper beer bike Of course, if you have a large birthday group of twenty people, we will give you two bikes! The beer bike Budapest race is on!

Busy-busy Business People

Contrary to popular belief, corporate men and women are not boring - oh they are not indeed. When it comes to blowing off some steam, they are in fact one of our most enthusiastic beer bikers! Hence, a beer bike Budapest tour is ideal for team building, since beer and mulled wine gels together any team!

Do note: when registering for a tour you do not have to request a bike size, we will provide one for you depending on availability and groups size! Pedal on!

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