Transportation of Budapest

Transportation of Budapest

Visiting Budapest is something truly magical and an experience for a lifetime. Us, who live in Budapest, see the not so everyday vehicles of the city totally natural and nothing special, since we got so used to them. Thankfully all the tourists who come here can appreciate them instead of us. The Budapest Card gives you the option to try out and use these amazing masterpieces on a daily basis – some even for free of charge. Experiencing and exploring the city on these can spice up the trip. But what are we talking about exactly?

Well, Budapest is the capital, so we have many options to show you. If we say Budapest, you say Danube. Boats are not just significant transportation tools here but are great to have a sightseeing tour on them. The Parliament and the Buda Castle are all visible from the river, and not just these amazing buildings, but the Gellért hill as well. Crossing the water under the world-famous bridges is breath-taking, especially at night! The boats operate not only in Budapest, but outside of the city as well. You can easily get to the Little Danube from the capital to visit Esztergom or Visegrád. If you are back in the city, hop on one of the coolest buses. The hop on hop off buses are cruising in the downtown area and in Buda quite frequently. Starting from the Saint Stephen Basilica you will be able to see the most famous parts of Budapest and the most beautiful buildings and sights.

Of course, if you want to have a more budget-friendly option for yourself, then the Budapest Card offers you free public transportation with the borders of Budapest. Every tram, subway or train can be used free of charge if you show your card to the drivers.

Use the HÉV, Budapest’s local railway line and the city buses for free as well! Most of the iconic Budapest trams follow the Danube and allow you to see the river from quite usual but unusually amazing spots. This might just be the best deal you can get! And now we got to the part where the exciting, not every day vehicles will make their appearance.

The Budavári Sikló, the Castle Hill Funicular is one the most iconic public transportations in the Hungarian capital. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the Danube from the funicular named “Margit” and “Gellért”. Visitors will depart from Clark Ádám Square to the Castle or the other way around in a couple of minutes.

What about chairlifts? We also got those! Hungary's first chairlift, the Zugliget Chairlift, has been transporting hikers to and from János Hill since 1970. The 1040 meter long route is completed in 12 minutes by the small chairlift which is open every day of the year. It can be used completely free of charge with the Budapest Card.

So which one is the closest to your heart?  Let us know and we will take you to all parts of the city within minutes!

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