Weirdest Bike Races of The World

Weirdest Bike Races of The World


Cycling is a massive sport with many wacky ideas to make it even more colorful. Did you ever wonder about pedaling underwater or maybe riding a beer bike in Budapest? If not, now is the best time to start. Take a look at our top picks for weird cycling challenges from all around the world!

The small town of Warren in New Jersey is not on the radar of most tourists, though it has a cool cycling tradition that merits some attention. Every year, several balloons take off from the field near town and take the cyclists and their bikes away from the starting point. As the wind takes them, they don’t know eventually where they will end up. Once they land, they have to use their GPS and speed to arrive first to the starting location. The first 5 receive a prize.

Who said that cycling can only be done on dry soil? The 4th of July is a time to celebrate and there’s no better way to do so than taking a scuba diving cycling challenge. Hop on your mountain bike, take a large dose of oxygen and pedal underwater. The divers have to go 100 feet from a shipwreck to a submarine wreck and reemerge to the surface at the end.

Brompton World Championship is not for the everyday cyclist. Here, all latex clothes and professional equipment is banned: you have to look sharp! Contestants get points for their clothes and style. They have foldable bikes that they have to assemble, still dressed in a smart dress, and take a 3 laps on the circuit. This race is not about being fast, but presenting a style and art of biking like in the old days!

A perfect place to bond with your friends is the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championship. Here, teams of 3 participate in a wacky race where 2 mountain bikes act as the horses and the third contestant rides the chariot. Just like in a Roman arena, they have to be quick and complete a difficult track, dotted with muddy patches and rough terrain.

Don’t go any further if you’re looking for a wacky experience with some fun sightseeing combined. Take a trip with us in a Budapest beer bike mayhem and put the pedal to the metal!

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