The Best Winter Markets of Budapest

The Best Winter Markets of Budapest

Just like any other big cities around the globe Budapest changes its face as Christmas time is approaching. Cheerful outdoor celebrations and charming Christmas markets are showing up all around the city. The streets get decorated with Christmas trees and fabulous fairy lights. The winter face of Budapest is absolutely beautiful, and is very worth seeing. Pedalbar collected the best winter markets you should check out these days!

Vörösmarty Square

The Christmas Market on Vörösmarty Square is often thought of as the single Christmas market in the city of Budapest, which luckily is not true. However, what is true is that the Christmas fair on Vörösmarty Square is the oldest, richest and the most spectacular of all the Christmas markets in Budapest.

Gozsdu court

Just 10 minutes walking from Vörösmarty Square you can find one of the most glamorous and fashionable Gozsdu court. It’s like a little inner city inside the city, with loads of posh cafés, clubs and artisan shops. It is one of the newest sensations of Budapest. With an additional stage built in just the centre of it there are daily performances from smooth live music to kids’ playhouse, just to feel the Christmas spirit.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel!

If you’ve done enough freezing outdoors and the mulled wine doesn’t seems to be effective (which is doubtful), here it comes, the posh of the posh Christmas markets in the lobby of Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel! The building itself is an architectural miracle mixing Art Deco and secession styles. Here you can find rare perfumes, clothes and other goods made by the most outstanding masters of their own field selling their goods for the worthy.

As you can see it is impossible to avoid Christmas markets in Budapest where you can buy lovely handmade gifts local Hungarians make keeping the old trades and traditions alive. Make sure to buy crafts until December 24 as the craft stalls are only open during the Advent period.

And forget about the cold weather! Beer bike Budapest keeps on cruising the streets.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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