Experience Budapest's first Prosecco Bike!

We bet you’ve already heard about prosecco bikes, but Prosecco Bike is so much more than just „something else instead of beer”! Let’s begin with Prosecco itself: it’s an italian white wine made in the Veneto region in Northern Italy, not so far away from the Slovenian border. Prosecco wine can be tranquillo - or as we call it: still - , frizzante, which means semi-sparkling and spumante which is sparkling – also spumante is the most famous version worldwide. Basically, it’s an italian champagne. We offer the spumante version on Prosecco Bike, so you can enjoy the dolce vita feeling and be all bubbly and bright on our little Budapest trip!

Yes, that’s the point: you’ll get Proseccos on the Prosecco Bike, as you would get beers on a prosecco bike – so neat! But the drink is not the only thing Prosecco Bike is outstanding in. It has a very special and unique design with fancy details, Prosecco Bike was clearly created to be the ultimate Bachelorette Party vehicle. The real deal is that you can get some nice drinks and have some leg workout at the same time!

No, we didn’t go mad, and Budapest has the same rule as any other city with a common sense: don’t drive when you’re drunk! So, while you’re out with the girls, drinking Prosecco and pedalling to keep the party moving, you’ll have a designated driver who will help you cruise around on your Prosecco Bike Budapest tour! You can stop worrying about drinking and driving now, as we guarantee your driver – or, to get a bit more classy here as well: your chauffeur – will be 100% sober for the whole trip, to guide you safely and take care of you.

Collect your hens and book a tour now to have some real fun and see the beautiful Budapest simultaneously! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us for the details.

Prosecco bike

Try our prosecco bike!

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